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Aden Cosgrove Healing Journey online counsellor and therapist
Aden Cosgrove Healing Journey online counsellor and therapist

Meet Aden

Hi! I’m Aden, I’m a queer, non-binary social worker who is trauma-informed.

I have lived experience as a neurodiverse person, spoonie, and a trauma survivor.

I am trained in narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, DBT, CBT, EMDR, and Unyte-iLs’s SSP and Focus (that is based upon Polyvagal theory).

I use various tools from many other modalities as well, such as Internal Family Systems and Somatic Experiencing.

I prioritize working with the following communities: Indigenous, Two-Spirit, LGBTQIAP+/Queer community, trans community, and non-monogamous/polyamorous community.

It is important for me that prior to working with someone that they feel it is a perfect or as close to perfect fit as possible.

Previous to ever recommending a treatment/intervention to someone, I will often experience this modality themselves first to get an idea of what the experience can look or feel like.

Alisa Healing Journey Online Counselling Ontario

Meet Alisa

Hello I’m Alisa, I am a queer, neurodivergent, polyamorous, feminist, and cisgender white woman.

I am committed to anti-oppression, social justice, and the self-reflection and lifelong unlearning this requires.

I have been practicing social work since 2012 with a focus on issues related to queer and trans folks, body neutrality, harm reduction, and body-based trauma recovery modalities.

While I use an eclectic range of intervention, I am formally trained in EMDR, Brainspotting, DBT, Narrative Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

I aim to position myself as a co-collaborator in your journey and will follow your lead.

Using a feminist power-sharing framework, I believe that the therapeutic alliance and a genuine, authentic caring and attuned relationship is the foundational element of successful therapy, and so I will work hard to earn your trust and build that alliance with you.

I am most excited about working with queer and trans folks, neurodiverse folks, non-monogamous folks, and those looking to utilize EMDR for trauma recovery.

Alisa Healing Journey Online Counselling Ontario

Meet Our Clinic Manager

Krista - Clinic Manager at Healing Journey Couneselling
Krista - Clinic Manager at Healing Journey Couneselling

Meet Krista

I am a queer, neuro-divergent, donor-conceived cisgender woman with Metis heritage. I am open, inclusive, curious, and empathetic — qualities I also aim to surround myself with and believe mental health support should embody.

I have worked in healthcare for almost 20 years behind-the-scenes dealing with highly confidential information and wishing I could step in and contribute something in situations where people are hurting. While still in an administrative role, I feel particularly passionate about what Healing Journey stands for, what they are bringing to a space that desperately needs more availability, inclusivity, and accountability, and the fact that my voice here is heard, pondered, and actioned upon.

I am looking forward to being able to add my perspective into the mix to grow the amazing offerings Healing Journey provides and expand to assist as many folx as possible with my super-stellar administrative work 😉

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