How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check After Losing a Loved One to Suicide

June 14, 2023
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Losing a loved one to suicide can be an incredibly difficult and heart-wrenching experience. The days following the loss will no doubt be difficult, owing to the overwhelming emotions of sadness and sorrow. But, one of the most important things to focus on during this period will be to take care of your mental health. In this article by Healing Journey, we’ll explore some useful tips to help you manage grief in a healthy manner and the best ways to honor the memory of your loved one.  

Make Time for Yourself  

Every individual experiences grief in a unique way. Additionally, there is no fixed time period after which one should overcome the grief of losing a loved one. But, there are a few strategies individuals can adopt to manage their grief on a daily basis.  

A useful strategy is to make time for yourself and focus on staying mentally healthy. This can include taking a daily walk, meeting up with friends and families, or practicing health-based activities such as meditation, exercise, yoga, etc. One of the benefits of engaging in these activities will be that you won’t get easily overwhelmed with grief. Additionally, physical activity will naturally make you feel tired, helping you sleep at night, which will play a major role in maintaining good mental health, according to the Sleep Foundation. 

Be Open to Seeking Professional Help 

For individuals finding it difficult to manage the grief of losing a loved one, seeking professional help can prove beneficial. Meeting with a trained counsellor or experienced therapist will provide a safe space to express emotions you may feel uncomfortable sharing with friends or family. Additionally, there could be thoughts or emotions you may try to suppress as they’re difficult to manage alone. The therapist will not only provide emotional support but also teach you useful strategies to deal with grief and overwhelming thoughts, as reported by Better Help.  

If required, they can refer you to a local support group that helps you connect with individuals who can empathize with your situation and serve as a support system to reach out to in times of need.  

Honour Your Loved One’s Memory 

Honouring the memory of a loved one will play a major role in finding closure and dealing with grief. Here are a few great ways to honour your loved one: 

  • Memorial Service: A memorial service is a gathering of family and friends of the deceased at a church, home, or other establishments. The goal of a memorial service is to provide individuals with a chance to pay their respects and share cherished memories with everyone present. It can serve as a great way for people to come together and celebrate all the great things the individual achieves in their lifetime. 
  • Memorial Website: Along with a memorial service, you can consider creating a memorial website as well. Individuals who cannot attend the memorial service in person can share their memories and pay their respects through the site. Additionally, you can live stream the memorial service as well.  

Create a Grief Journal 

Along with the above-mentioned steps, you might also want to consider starting a grief journal. As the name suggests, it’s a journal where one can express their feelings in complete secrecy without the burden of judgment. There is no fixed way for maintaining a grief journal. Hence, you can choose to journal your emotions when you feel overwhelmed or practice it as a daily self-care activity. 

While many individuals prefer to keep a physical journal, you can also create a digital one. This provides you the benefit of accessing it anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you can edit or continue to make contributions to the journal from your phone, laptop, or any other digital device in times of need.  

No matter how hard the situation seems in the present, you possess the strength to endure and overcome grief. While it won’t be easy, as time passes you’ll find healthy ways to make peace with the situation, whether it be through making deep connections with friends/family, seeking professional help, or maintaining a grief journal. 

Healing Journey is here to spread positivity in strict opposition to judgmentalism and hate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!  

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