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Based in Ontario, we provide online counselling for Individuals.

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About our online counselling services for Individuals

What can you expect from Individual Counselling with Healing Journey?

You can expect questions from your helper as we want to get a sense of your reality so we can best support you.

We like to give some space in sessions for you to give us feedback. If you don’t have any feedback to give that is okay, but we like to ensure there is space for that.

Each session is one hour long, as opposed to 50 minutes. We prefer to utilize the extra 10 minutes for feedback and seeing how you are feeling about the session and our work together.

We like to use humour, art, and other methods of healing in sessions when it is appropriate and agreed to.

We may assign you forms or homework to do in between sessions so that the work continues even when we are not together.

We encourage people to reach out to us in between sessions if something is coming up for you that you would like to discuss or to put on our radar. We don’t stop caring about you in between sessions and we consider our relationship special.

Individual Counselling is for folks who are looking to start their healing journey. Whether you are someone who is looking for a counsellor to help you reach your ideal relationship with your mental health and/or addiction or you are looking to reach your ideal state of well-being.

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