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Based in Ontario, Canada, we provide online counselling for Indigenous persons.

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About our online counselling services for Indigenous persons

For Indigenous folx, we provide more targeted support than what an average private practice counsellor would.

This is due to many years working with various Indigenous populations and noticing the daily injustices they face, the systemic barriers they have to go through, and the historic and ongoing atrocities against their people.

Our clients have expressed that it is meaningful for them to know that someone is truly by their side to empower them to make positive changes in their life.

We write letters of support and advocacy on behalf of clients to navigate access to other professional supports, help with referrals and applications for housing, social assistance, and other social services as required and requested.

In certain cases, we act as an appointed contact for clients to communicate with people they do not wish to engage with (due to the power dynamic and history of oppression) and also in a legal capacity (such as police officers, court officials, and parole officers as some examples).
Of course, you may not need extra support services, but they are always at your disposal should you ever need to access them.

As a NIHB mental health care provider, we can provide you with 22 hours (or more) of counselling free of charge. We also do direct billing, so you don’t have to worry about anything related to that during our work together.

NIHB Mental Health Care Counselling

If you are Indigenous and have a status card, you have what we call Non-insured Health Benefits (commonly known as NIHB). This affords you the ability to work with a private practitioner who can provide counselling at no cost to you. NIHB practitioners specialize in working with Indigenous people and are aware of the mental health concerns within the communities.

NIHB practitioners can provide up to 22 hours of counselling for the first 12 months, and it is possible to get an additional 20 hours of counselling within that 12-month period when warranted.

For every 12-month period after this, you are immediately able to access 20 hours of counselling and seek approval for a possible additional 20 hours. You and your helper can work together for as long as you need to work on your mental health, and this is paid for by the government. You do not have to deal with billing or payments – you just have to show up to your appointments! All billing is directly to NIHB. This allows us the space to concentrate more on the work we will do together.

As a note: NIHB as a government system does not dictate how we work together, they do not have access to our files, nor do they see our session notes. The work we do together is sacred to us and does not involve anyone that you do not want to involve! 😊

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