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Crisis Resources

In the case that you cannot get a hold of your helper or it is the weekend, please do not wait for your helper to get back to you, please call, text, or go online with one of these emergency resources below:

  • Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566 (24/7) or text 45645 from 4 pm to midnight
  • Hope for Wellness: 1-855-242-3310 or chat online for support for Indigenous peoples in Canada. Staff speak in various Indigenous languages.
  • Transgender Crisis Line: 1-877-330-6366
  • visit the crisis and emergency section to find various crisis services in your local community.
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Community Consultation

Clinical Director and Founder of Healing Journey, Aden is a registered social worker in Ontario but also they are someone who has a lot of lived experience and they offer community consultation to other practitioners hoping to work with their communities.

“I am a queer and non-binary person who is non-monogamous, differently abled, and a trauma survivor who has experienced addiction. I am also someone who has training or experience with all of these communities as well so I would be a breadth of knowledge for someone who is looking to start working with one of these communities.”

“I am open for consultation for professionals or organizations who are looking to work with one of these communities and need either regular consultation or a one-time consultation. I am a virtual practitioner and can provide virtual space for our meetings. I can negotiate the price of consultations but if you are a practitioner who is in private practice, I ask that you pay me what your clients would usually pay you.”

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Advocacy services from Healing Journey.

Advocacy Services

As a helper, Aden offers advocacy services.

“For Indigenous clients who are covered by NIHB, advocacy is included as part of the service provided. However, for people who are paying for my services through insurance or otherwise, I may need to charge extra for some advocacy services but I would make sure to let you know that I would need to charge you before providing the service.”

“Please note that if I offer to do some advocacy for you, such as make a call, send an email, make a referral, or write a support letter, this means that I am not going to charge you. I want to help you because it is important to me and this often comes when medical advocacy may be required through a letter or phone call.”

“If you need me to write a specific support letter to another professional or organization, this is likely the type of thing that I would need to charge for as it does take some time for me to do this. I like to review files, assessments, and notes before I write a letter to capture everything that I need to say. Tasks such as emailing someone, making a referral, or making a quick call are not things I would charge for. I would charge for advocacy calls that are challenging or if a referral was a very long and intense one (such as The Registry application). I do not have set charges for this. I would rather make this affordable for you so we would negotiate the price.”

Each helper may be different in how they will provide advocacy services so it is best to check with your helper to see what they can provide you. Right now, Healing Journey has an amazing administration person who is Clinic Manager of Healing Journey named Krista Hansen, who is supporting us with advocacy pieces so that we are able to do this faster and more efficiently than ever!

Referral services from Healing Journey online counsellors in Ontario

Referral Services

For Self-Referral

  • Please contact our lovely Clinic Manager, Krista Hansen at and let her know what you are looking for in terms of services and she will find what you are looking for.
  • If you are thinking that you are ready to book a consultation with the helper of your choice, feel free to book through our online booking system.
  • After a consultation, we will send you an intake and consent form via email so that we can gather some information about your needs. This will help us provide the best possible service to you. The intake and consent form can be filled out on your end and sent back to your helper and is confidential.
Referral from another professional

  • Send our lovely Clinic Manager, Krista, an email at with some information about the person that you are hoping to refer to our team, which includes their contact information for us to reach out to them.
  • After this is done, we will take it from there! Thank you for your referral!
Referral services from Healing Journey online counsellors in Ontario
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